The Importance Of Data In Today’s Business World

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Data can seem overwhelming and understanding where to start and what to do with it is a common problem business face.

Data has become an integral part of most business models and as time quickly passes us by, we ask why is it now the most valuable part of our working world? Over the past decade or so, millions of pounds have been invested into evolving technology, how we store it and how we use it.

Think of the development of photographs over the years as an example… Not that long ago did we have to wait for our pictures to be developed, then sort through the good and the not so great before putting them into a photo album that would inevitably gather dust on a shelf. Now, we can instantly see our images, delete the not so great ones and upload them so they are stored on our PCs or shared on social media.

A similar rapid development has happened with data technology. Once, data would have been stored in paper form or in a slow computer storage system making analysing data a long and painful task. Now, with a sophisticated data storage system, combined with a variation of filters to retrieve our data; we can now quickly pull off reports to show our brand impact, who we are talking to and when the optimum time is to reach them.

Today, we live in an ‘instant’ world where people and companies have no need to wait for us to flick through endless paper files to find key information. Data management now helps us make business decisions on a daily basis and analyse whether the direction is working or isn’t. If it’s not, we analyse some more data to create something new again.

The amount of data that can be produced is phenomenal but it’s what you do with it that is important for making the right decisions.

Are you making the most of our data? Could you be doing more with it? We could help optimise your most important asset.